Digital Badging at UCF

Micro-credentialing for knowledge tracking.

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CredHub is a custom-built digital platform that enables the University of Central Florida to create, track, and award digital credits pertaining to academic and supporting skills achievements.

CredHub allows us to keep a permanent record of UCF’s own delivered badges regardless of the 3rd party systems (e.g. Credly or Mozilla Open Badges) used to display badges.

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CredHub issues badges through Webcourses@UCF, Credly, and Mozilla Open Badges. We use your UCF email address which is likely to be your Knightsmail address to send notifications whenever you have earned a badge.

Make sure to login to Webcourses to view the badges you have earned. If your professor has chosen to use external badging services, you can also make your earned badges public through Credly or Mozilla Open Badges.

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